Lumpini Park Chinese Pavilion Bangkok Thailand

Lumpini Park was created in the 1920s by King Rama VI on royal property.
It was named after Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha in Nepal.
It is situated in the center of Bangkok, close to the BTS Sala Deang, MRT Silom .

There are many pavilions and sculptures that you can discover in the park. Here I shot the Chinese Pavilion, rich in colours and symbols.


The 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac are represented inside :


For each picture I took 3 shots with different exposures ; -3,0,+3 with automatic bracketing from my Sony A7R (the lens is Zeiss 35mmF2.8). then they were combined together in HDR Pro from Photoshop, and edited again in Lightroom.

close to the Pavilion is this Statue in bronze, named Youth Preserving Environment. It represent 2 young people having above they hands some birds ready to fly. according to the sign, it is “inspired by the importance of nature and the motive to let it free”.made in 1993. I like the Art Deco style of this sculpture.

Paths around the park totalling around 2.5 km.
The park covers an area of 142 acres or 360 rai.

to help you find Lumpini in Bangkok, here’s the map: