Thai Restaurant Ruen Urai Bangkok

If you’re looking for a great thai restaurant in Bangkok, I recommend Ruen Urai at the BTS Sala Deang (8 minutes walk) , 118 Surawongse road. A very quiet and elegant place, in this busy and lively neighbourhood. It’s a thai traditional house, “Jim Thompsom House” style. for booking, the phone is 02 266 826 . map on page 2.

The food is excellent, with many specialities from the Chef, which are noticed on the menu. a chili symbol is also placed on the side if the meal is spicy. you can ask them if you want it less spicy and they will usually take it into account.

to give you some ideas to order, here are the food that we tried with the description and the price :

Larb Gai Tod ลาบหมูทอด  320 Baht
Fried minced chicken salad served with fresh vegetables

Ghai Haw Bai Dtoey ไก่ห่อใบเตย
Fried marinated chicken wrapped in pandanus leaves 220 Baht

Saengwaah Kratong Tong แสร้งว่ากระทงทอง
Crispy cups filled with prawns and garden herb salad 250 Baht

Bpohr Bpia Sod Sai Ghoong ปอเปี๊ยะสดไส้กุ้ง
Fresh spring rolls filled with prawns, fresh salad and herbs 250 Baht

Tung Tong ถุงทองไส้กุ้งและไก่ผัดกระเพรา
Golden-fried mini parcels filled with minced prawns, chicken and holy basil 250 Baht



more pictures on page 2 !