Berthillon best Ice Creams & Sorbets in Paris, France

Berthillon is one one the best home made ice cream and sorbet maker in Paris. Situated in the heart of the city, on the charming Ile-Saint-Louis, Berthillon has a large choice of flavours with a unique authentic taste.

on the menu, you will find special combinations, like this Coupe du Gourmet
chestnut ice cream, pear sorbet, sugared chestnut chips flavoured with rum, whipped cream and chocolate sauce

or you can choose your own ingredients, from one to three flavours
Sorbet cocoa, pistachio, coffee, whipped cream

a list of the avalable flavours is displayed on the wall

my favorite, the Vacherin :
a choice of 2 flavours, meringue, whipped cream, raspberry or chocolate sauce

the front of the shop where you can buy to take away

or eat in their shop in a classical and cosy atmosphere


click/press on 2 to see the macaroons, pastries, and more ice cream !