Bangkok lockdown shot on Leica film during the COVID-19 pandemic

These pictures were shot in April 2020, in Bangkok , with a Leica Mini 3 and the film Kodak TX 400. I’ve chosen black and white film because it’s the best medium to capture the atmosphere of a city. Film captures the light, the vibrations, the mood of a scene.
In Thailand, during the lockdown, it was allowed to go out, as long as you wore a mask, practiced social distancing, and comply with the 10pm curfew.
As a photographer , I had to document this special period, unprecedented in modern times…

Siam, CentralWorld, Skytrain, Underground


Grand Palace & Wat Pho



Chao Praya River


Giant Swing

Victory Monument


MBK, Siam Discovery, Modern Art Museum

Sathorn & Silom