Street Photography in Paris, Banks of the Seine : Video & Pictures

Autumn in Paris is romantic, this period is a good opportunity for street photography in black & white . it was a Saturday afternoon, a little bit cold and cloudy, but still many people outside enjoying their week-end.
Most of the pictures were taken around the banks of the Seine, the Isle Saint-Louis, and Isle de la Cité.

You can watch below the video to see the lively scene before and after I take the picture. The pictures are as well visible in a gallery by clicking on one of them.

I shoot with a Sony Nex-5r and a 35mm lens. With the APSC crop sensor, this is the equivalent of a 50mm on a full frame sensor. the video camera is a Panasonic TZ-40 with a wide angle which give the impression that my subjects are far away. this makes a contrast with the eq 50mm which makes you close to the subject.

I set the aperture between F5 and F8 most of the time, and the ISO between 400 and 1600. That gives me a shutter speed between 1/60s and 1/200s .

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