Street Photography in Bangkok Silom Thailand : Video and Pictures

Lively and busy neighbourhood, Silom in Bangkok, Thailand, Friday 5pm. I shoot with a Sony Nex 5r with a SEL 35mmF1.8 . you can see the Exif Data by clicking on any picture in the gallery below.

This day, I choose to shoot with aperture F5.6 because I wanted to keep a good depth of field ; you have sometimes interesting characters in the background. the inconvenient is that it gives you a slow shutter speed if you don’t want to go too high in the ISO settings. that’s why 2 or 3 pictures were a little bit blurry.
when it is very sunny, there is no problem of shutter speed, but when it’s cloudy like that at 5pm, it can be a problem sometimes. overall, it was not a bad choice because the majority of the pictures are ok .

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