Rollei 35 T Lens Tessar F3.5 40mm Photos Samples

I bought this camera in Paris,at Photo-Beaumarchais (54, Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris, France) for 180 euros. I think it is a fair price considering that it was well maintained and it’s working perfectly. There is a 3 months guaranty. I have the original Rollei case, and the Rollei 24E UV filter. The light meter is working and the battery was included. The only think is that I don’t have the strap so I will try to find one.

UPDATE 8 February 2014 : I went to Photo Odeon, another shop in the same neighbourhood.this is the busiest shop on the street, it must have a good reputation. I found a strap , for 15 euros. expensive but it’s new and it will last forever. interesting thing to notice: they had the same model for 299 euros.
This same week-end I went to a camera shop in a very different place : Photo Suffren, 45 avenue de Suffren, close to the Eiffel Tower. I bought a battery for the light meter, even if mine is working well, but I wanted a spare one before travelling. There is a sticker on top of it, and the guy told me that you have to remove it and wait 4 hours before placing it in the camera. 12 euros. there is no brand on it. actually, the battery which was included when I bought the camera is an Energizer EPX625G .
He told me that he could modify the electric system in order to be able to place a standard battery that could stay a few years. he could do that for 70 euros. I declined the offer, I prefer to keep the original system.


The Rollei 35 was produced from 1967 to 1982 with some variations. the model I got, the 35 T, was produced from 1976 to 1980. The lens is a Tessar F3.5 40mm based from a single coated Carl Zeiss design.

Boulevard Beaumarchais in Paris is a neighbourhood with many camera shops, and it’s really a paradise for the enthusiast who is looking for a vintage camera, lenses and parts. the metro is Chemin Vert.

I tried for the first time the camera with a Fujifilm X-TRA superia 400 (color). I shot in Paris and in Brussels. I brought it to a shop to scan the film. they gave me some JPEG around 900 ko and 1840 pixel for the large size.

The first photo gallery was shot in Paris. below this one , the other gallery was shot in Brussels.