Beautiful Cosplay Girls in Bangkok Sony A7r Video & Pictures

many cosplay girls went to CentralWorld, Bangkok, to pose in front of the Christmas decoration. Cosplay comes from Costume Play. The participants wear costumes inspired by characters from mangas, anime, comic books. The video is shot handheld with the Sony A7r and Zeiss Lens FE 55mm f1.8 . The pictures are shot with the Sony A7r, sometimes with the same lens, and some times with the Zeiss Lens 35mm F2.8 .

The colors on the video look a little bit saturated, but in fact, these are the natural colors of their costume. I was in “Auto Mode”, I didn’t have the time to make the adjustments, but the automatic settings were well done by the camera. there is no post-processing. it was in low light. at the beginning of the video there is a source of light on the right, which is not ideal. at the end of the video I managed to move and have the light behind me, and this is totally different!

click on any picture to launch the gallery mode. you’ll see the EXIF Data on the right, under the “comments”. you might have to scroll down to see them.