Lamborghini Taxi-Meter HiSo-Life in Bangkok Thailand

In Dubai the police drive Ferraris, in Bangkok the taxis have Lamborghinis, question of taste!

Actually, as you can guess, it’s not a real taxi, you can read the real story below ;


I shot a one minute video :

The real story : the owner of this car, Maesai “Joe” Prapasawat, has a show on Channel 9 called HiSo Life. He interviews people from the “Hi-Society”, and ask them to do things that they are not used to, like selling flowers on a market or working in a factory. The same way he puts very rich people in normal situations, he disguised his Lamborghini in a daily life car, a taxi.



He sells as well car fuel conversion kits, and provide loans for buying second hand cars, that’s the advertising on the Taxi sign with a phone number.

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