Il Gelato del Marchese ice cream & sorbet Paris France

I visited the new ice cream and sorbet maker Il Gelato del Marchese in Paris, 3 Rue des Quatre Vents, 75006 Paris, France (check the map below), managed by Renato et Veronika Squillante Montoro.
This new gelateria uses only premium ingredients and has 2 chefs working on the spot. They have the classic flavours, but as well very original ones like watermelon, gorgonzola, tomato.

no additives are used, only natural products.

They are ideally situated close to Odeon, Mabillon, Saint-Sulpice.

at the entrance, you can see their large choice of flavour, and the 2 chefs working behind :

on the left there are the other products : pastries, cakes, italian specialities etc…

you can check below all the flavors :



on the left , the Chef

I choose Pistachio, Sorbet Cocoa and hazelnuts. It was fantastic! the taste was strong and pure. you really feel that they don’t use any additives but only original ingredients.

my friend choose this, watermelon + Croccante Florentino (Almond Hazelnuts Honey Sesame) and she was very satisfied as well!

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