Interview : Nasha Mekraksavanich and her passion for design

Nasha Mekraksavanich is a young and successful designer, based in Thailand with two shops in Bangkok ; at Emporium (1F) and Siam Paragon (1F). She is famous worldwide and has customers across the globe. She has just been elected as the most stylish woman 2016 from Zen stylish award.
We met Nasha in Bangkok, in one of her shop on the first floor of the Emporium shopping mall (Phrom Phong).


How did you get started in design?
It started when I was a kid. I liked design, beautiful things. In high school, I studied music and I was drawing. It moved slowly toward art and design. I liked interior design and I decided to study at Silpakorn University, faculty of decorative art for interior design. I was working at the same time as a decorator. People were hiring me to design their condo. I liked architecture. But finally it was not for me. I wanted something that had a shorter process, that I design and I can see right away.
You couldn’t really see the entire process. I preferred to create, to see results faster. I have more passion for that.


That’s how you decided to go study in Milano ?
At that time I liked shoes and my brother was already living in Italy. So I decided to try for a few months. I started to study pattern making and then accessories.
When I came back to Thailand I realized that making bags was what I wanted to do and that it was feasible without requiring to many machines.


When did you start Nasha Bags ?
Beginning of 2012 was my preparation and the first collection was launched at the beginning of 2013 for spring/summer.


How do you get your inspiration ?
It comes from architecture, things that I like and see. I see things and with my forgetful memory it turns into unconscious memory. I like architecture, arts and mechanics, and somehow it connects.


Some of your bags remind me the Art Deco style, is this style a source of inspiration for you ?
Actually my spring collection was from Art Deco style. One of the bag is even inspired by the Gustav Klimt lady.


What are you bags made of ?
Most of them are made from French goatskin or French lambskin. I’ve been importing them since my first collection. Some of them are made of python from Thailand, and others of antelope skin from South Africa.


Where are Nasha bags produced ?
I opened my factory in Nakhon Pathom, 60 km from Bangkok.
I had to hire my own craftsmen because no factory in Thailand would like or would be able to make my bags. It’s too complicated, requires too much time and a very meticulous work. The raw material is imported and expensive so you can’t afford to make a mistake. Only skilled artisans can do it. One of my bags is an assembling of laser cut pieces, applied as some marquetry work.


When did you go to the fashion week in Paris for the first time ?
I have been to the fashion week in Paris since Spring/Summer 2013. My first collection was launched in Paris. My first agency was French.


What is the most interesting when you go to the Fashion week, is it selling, contact making, or finding inspiration from the work of other artists ?
All of this. I get sales, I get to know people, and my brand becomes more famous.


Do you have a showroom every year during the Fashion Week ?
Yes and the place can change. Before we were close to the Eiffel Tower, and this year it was the 3rd Eye Showroom rue de Turenne. We managed the sales with my partner Jacopo Gianninoto and a friend of mine who was the fashion editor of Lips magazine for 18 years. We teamed up as an agency.


Where are you exporting the most ?
It depends on the period. At the beginning Europe was the main area. Then it expanded upon the Middle East and Asia. It depends on the economic situation of each country. Recently I started to sell on the Korean market.


What are your projects in the future ?
I try to develop the online business.


Do you plan to design other types of products ?
Yes, when the economy will get better, I’d like to diversify and design shoes, jewelry, glasses and other accessories.

To learn more about Nasha’s work you can visit her shops in Bangkok :
Emporium Shopping Mall 1F, BTS Phrom Phrong
Siam Paragon 1F, BTS Siam
You can see the collection and order on her website as well :
Instagram : @nasha_official | #nashabag
Line @ID : ‘@Nasha’
Whatsapp :+66858158181

Awards :
Italian Vogue Talent 2013
The Winner of Vogue Who’s on Next 2014
Most stylish woman 2016 from Zen stylish award

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