Cinestill bwXX : Hong Kong walk with the Leica M6 and Noctilux

I’m a fan of Cinestill, I shot many rolls of 800T and 50. I love the cinematic look which comes from the motion picture film Kodak Vision 3. The absence of the remjet filter makes it even more special with the halo coming from the lights and neons at night. When they announced that they would sell again the bwXX in November, I went everyday to their website to be the first to order. This film comes from the motion picture Eastman Double-X 5222/7222 Neg. Film. Which means the same concept as the 800T , but in black and white. That was very promising!The movies Raging Bull and Schindler’s List were shot with this film.
I received my rolls in December before going to Hong Kong… perfect timing.
In Hong Kong I had the chance to go on a photo walk with 2 friends who are film enthusiasts as well, Victor and Carmen from Annie Barton 1972 (high quality leather straps). We loaded our bwXX in our camera ; Carmen with the Leica MP, Victor with the X-Pan TX2 , and I had the Leica M6 and the Noctilux. We went to the harbour front of Wan Chai. This is a great location, with tourists and locals fishing or having a walk. We had a great time shooting, and when I got the film developed and scan, I was so happy with the result! The cinematic look is even deeper than the color films, it’s a little bit grainy, and sharp enough.The contrast is not too high, well balanced, and some pictures look as if they were coming straight out of a movie. This film has a strong character and the look is very special!
You can see below the video of the walk (soundtracks composed by the great Mijonju!) , and the pictures coming from the M6.

this film gives sharp pictures if you can take the time to focus

For some pictures, I lightly edited the shadows and highlights. That’s what they did back in the days by dodging and burning, it doesn’t change the character of the film.

for some reasons that picture reminds me Apocalypse Now, even if this movie was shot on Eastman Color Negative II 100T 5247/7247 Film, different from Eastman Double-X 5222/7222 Neg

the propellers of this helicopter was so powerful and created so much wind I almost lost my hat! but I was worth it

there are many statues inspired by comic books, they sometimes fit perfectly in the frame!

backlight makes the upper side of the picture a little bit more grainy

Victor with his X-Pan TX2

I didn’t see him coming and I no time to focus but finanly it looks ok

however this one is out of focus ; I had to be fast if I didn’t want to be spotted

I love the look and the atmosphere we can get from bwXX

Aqua Luna, one of the last remaining red-sail Chinese junk boats, is cruising on the harbour

I like this location because you don’t have only tourists, but as well local fishing

these students were on a vacation in HK and asked us to take their picture.

This could be a picture from the 50’s …

Commando style!

Carmen and Victor

“MY COCO” really ????

Carmen with the MP and the Summilux 35mm

Music Credit in the video : Mijonju link to his soundcloud

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