Pretty Cosplay Girls at Thailand Game Show 2018

Thailand Game Show Big Festival 2018 is the most famous and relevant Game Show in South East Asia. The main gaming companies are present to feature their innovations.
The event takes places in November 2018 from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th, at Royal Paragon Hall, 5th Floor of Siam Paragon.
There is a Cosplay Contest so all the cosplayers of Thailand are coming to show their best costumes. You can see below the best pictures from the events.
They are shot with a Sony A7R2, Sony G Master lens 24-70 2.8, and the flash F43M

Enjoy the show!

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Portraits with b&w film and flash : Leica M6 TTL, Flash SF20, Noctilux f/0.95

I shot these pictures with my Leica M6 TTL, the lens Noctilux, the flash Leica SF 20 , and two different films : Kodak Portra 400 and Ilford HP5 400. The great thing about this combo is that the flash is TTL compatible which means that the light meter takes into account the ISO, the shutter speed and the light coming “through the lens” . In the viewfinder a “thunder” symbol appears, that indicates that the flash is well connected. The internal meter of the camera will take everything into account and will guide you to get the perfect exposure. You’ll find it by playing with the aperture until the red dot appears . Just as an external meter would give you the right aperture in a studio when you fire the flash for testing.
The big challenge is the compulsory shutter speed you have to use : 1/45s . Faster than that, the flash doesn’t fire. But finally, I managed to keep my hands steady and the pictures turned out sharp. I think the flash is really necessary when you shoot models indoors, because it lifts the shadows and make the image brighter without pushing the film.
Black and white films are less forgiving with under or overexposure so it’s not easy to get a great picture indoors with flash. sometimes it looks a little bit underexposed and there is two much grain. As much as I love grain for landscapes, building and objects, with portraits it’s not so flattering. However, all is all, I’m really glad that I shot black and white because when it’s well framed and exposed, it’s really beautiful and more special than color. And finally I’m happy with the pictures I got.
The first pictures featured are the Ilford ones and than it’s Kodak .

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Overwatch Cosplay Girls for the World Cup 2018 in Bangkok

The Overwatch World Cup 2018 took place in Siam Paragon, Bangkok, from the 14th to the 16th of September 2018.
Overwatch enthusiasts where here, and some beautiful girls were cosplaying with the costume of their favourite character from the video game.

I shot with a with a Sony A7R2, the lens Sony G 24-70 F2.8 and Flash F43M

Enjoy the pictures!

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Beautiful Models with the Leica Noctilux at f/0.95 with the Techart Pro in Bangkok

I shot the most beautiful girls of Bangkok with the Leica Noctilux wide open at the aperture f/0.95. It was mounted on the Sony A7R2 with the Techart Pro adapter. This adapter makes the lens autofocus. It works with any M mount lens. The face detection works very well.
This pictures were shot during a motor show in Thailand called Big Motor Sale 2018.

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Beautiful asian girls at the Big Motor Sale 2018 in Bangkok

Bangkok International Grand Motor Sale is taking place in BITEC, Bangkok, from the 12th to the 26th of October 2018. The major brands will feature their newest models and the most beautiful hostesses from Thailand will welcome the visitors.
The pictures are shot with a Sony A7R2, the lens Sony G 24-70 F2.8 and Flash F43M .

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Leica Noctilux autofocus with Techart Pro : shooting cosplay models

Coscom Aloha is a great Cosplay event taking place in Bangkok, at the Suan Dusit University. Many beautiful cosplayers attended the event to join the contest and to have their picture taken.
I tested my new Techart Pro adapter from E-mount to M-Mount. That makes my Leica Noctilux an autofucus lens when mounted on the Sony A7R2. It works very well even with face detection.

All the pictures below are shot wide open, at the aperture of f/0.95

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Film photography & Flash : Leica M6, Noctilux and Leica Flash SF 20

I wanted to shoot with my Leica M6 with a flash for a long time and I’ve finally found a flash SF 20 at the Paris Leica store. It is the only flash compatible with the TTL fonction of the M6. It was a second hand of course because this model is not in production anymore. It’s in mint condition and works beautifully.
TTL stands for Through The Lens because there is a sensor in the camera which mesures the light coming through the lens.

In order for the flash to fire, your shutter speed has to be 1/50s or slower. Higher than 1/50s the flash won’t fire.
When you set your iso at the back of your camera , the iso value is displayed on the flash screen. In the viewfinder you can see the flash sign which shows that the metering system (arrows and the red dot) will take into account the flash. That’s the beauty of this TTL system ; everything is taken into account to mesure the perfect exposure ; the shutter speed, the iso, and the distance from your subject. So when you look into the viewfinder the arrows indicates if you are under or overexposed. The only adjustable data is your aperture ; you can’t change the iso nor the distance to your subject, and you don’t want to shoot under the shutter speed of 1/50s because your image might be blurry. So you have to adjust your aperture to get the right exposure. You have to turn the aperture ring according to the arrows inside the viewfinder. When you see the red dot, you have everything in line and you can press the shutter button.
So I went to the Bangkok Motor show to try the system and I shot some portraits of the beautiful presenters that were working for the car makers.
I shot 3 rolls this afternoon ; Cinestill BWxx 250 (black and White) Cinestill 800T (color) , and Kodak TX 400 . That’s the order of display in this article .

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Shooting Models at F/0.95 with Leica Noctilux and SonyA7R2

This is another F/0.95 challenge : shooting the beautiful models of the Bangkok Motor Show with the Leica Noctilux wide open. This time, I didn’t shoot film : the lens was mounted on my Sony A7R2 with the Metabones adaptor.
It was indeed challenging because I didn’t have much time to focus, the models were busy and they were not always still. At 0.95 if the model moves a tiny bit you loose your focus. Besides, the lighting conditions were difficult ; many lights of different colors. I had my flash to fill the shadows and to get rid of the ambiant lights. All in all, I’m happy with de results, the bokeh is amazing and the very shallow depth of field creates a significant separation between the model and the background. And finally, the special look of the Noctilux makes the pictures unique!

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Beautiful Asian Girls at the Bangkok Motor Show 2018

The 39th Bangkok International Motor Show is taking place for the public from the 28th of March to the 8th of April 2018. The 26th is for the VIP’s and the 27th is for the Press.

The theme of this year is “Revolution in Motion” .

The venue is as usual Impact Challenger 1-3, Muang Thong Thani.

The most beautiful models are here to present the cars and give informations to the visitors.

I shoot with a Sony A7R2, a zoom lens Sony G Master 2470F2.8 and a flash Sony F43M

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