Beautiful Thai Girls at the Bangkok Motor Show 2016

The Bangkok International Motor Show is the most important car show of the year in Thailand. This 37th edition took place from 21st of March to the 3rd of April 2016. All the car makers and accessories sellers are represented on the 60 000 sqm indoor space available.
They hire the most beautiful models of Thailand to describe the features the cars, and participate in numerous shows and choreography. In Thailand the models are called “Pretty”, this is how they call this job.

I went there 3 days to be sure to shoot everything, and to have the different outfits of the models because they change everyday.

I shot all the pictures with my Sony A7R2, the Zeiss lens FE55mmF1.8 and the Sony flash F43M. Most of the time I shoot at f1.8 and 1/160s. ISO depend on the ambient light which is very different from one booth to another.

I shot 900 pictures and selected the best 100 for this post. I did some light editions in Lightroom.

Let’s enjoy the pictures!








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