Beautiful autumn colours with Cinestill 50d, Leica M6, Noctilux

Autumn is a beautiful season in Brussels, the foliage of the trees show multiples colours that we can see only at this time of the year. And when the sun shines, it’s splendid! That was the case last Sunday so I decided to shoot my roll of Cinestill 50d. This film comes from a motion picture film with the rem-jet/anti-halation layer removed is order to be developed with standard C-41. I choose to go to the Brussels Park, close to the Royal Palace, because I knew I would find the widest variety of trees and colours. I shot with my Leica M6 and the Noctilux lens.

I like to shoot with a low iso 50 film because I can easily set my aperture to f/0.95 when it’s possible. With an iso 400 it’s more difficult to set this aperture because my shutter speed can’t go faster than 1/1000s  and I don’t want to overexpose the picture.

the colors are impressive. The combination of the Noctilux and the Cinestill 50d makes really sharp pictures.

I shot all the statues and the sign at f/0.95

When you shoot trees, you want to have a large depth of field like f8, but it’s not always possible with an ISO of 50 . I don’t want to lower my shutter speed at 1/60s because it’s not gonna be sharp. the minimum I always set is 1/125s. Sometimes I had to lower the aperture at 5.6 in order to keep my shutter speed. That’s the only inconvenience with a low iso film. You really need to have a lot of light to keep the balance.

This is one of my favorite picture of this roll. I love the bokeh!


this is the best time of the season because the leaves have many different colors and they are still on the trees. In a few weeks they will fall.

iso 50 makes it a very fine grain film.

I’m glad that I could test the Cinestill 50d and the Noctilux in such good conditions ; great weather, nice subjects and amazing colors. I will definitely shoot again this film, but I’ll make sure to have a lot of light. In summer it’s gonna be ideal.

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