Vesak Day Candles Celebration in Bangkok Thailand

Vesak, Vesakha or Wisakha Bucha Day is the most important and beautiful celebration in the year for all Buddhist countries. It celebrates the birth, the enlightenment and the passing away of the Buddha. Worshippers are turning around the tempe with a candle, incense and a lotus flower.
I shot these pictures in Bangkok, Thailand, at the temple Wat Pathum Wanaram. It is a haven of peace in the very busy neibourghood of Siam, situated just between the shopping malls Siam Paragon and CentralWorld.

The lines are the marks left by the candles when the camera shutter stays open a long time.

Same effect here on the other side of the temple

inside one of the temples

The monks have a special place close to the temple to turn around

you can see here the great number of worshippers. Buddhism is very important in the life of Thai people and most of them will go to the temple for Vesak Day.

This was the full moon : this is always the day chosen to celebrate this event

the lotus flowers will be placed in front of the Buddha at the end of the procession.

in the background you can see Siam Paragon

inside the other temple. very nice paintings on the wall describing important parts of the life of the Buddha

I shot these pictures with my Sony A7R and the Zeiss lens wide angle FE1635