Interview : Miss Portugal, Cristiana Viana, in Lisbon

We had the chance to meet Cristiana Viana, Miss Portugal, in Lisbon. She told us about her experience as Miss Portugal, the countries she discovered, the people she met, and her projects for the future.
Mr Isidro de Brito, President of Miss Portuguesa, was present as well and could give us some knowledge and understanding about the organisation of the contest and the international relations he maintains with other beauty contests.

How did you become Miss Portugal ?
Cristiana Viana : 3 years ago I started modeling when I was a student, in Gondomar, my home city in the north of Portugal. Then I became Miss Gondomar. I enjoyed this contest so I decided to compete for Miss Portugal. After 3 weeks and passing all the steps , I won the title of Miss Portugal and Miss World Portugal. Last December I went to Washington for Miss World. This is the best experience of my life and I’m very happy.
Isidro de Brito : The winner of Miss Portugal goes to Miss World. It’s the next step, that’s why the full title is Miss Portuguesa, Miss World Portugal.

What are your activities as Miss Portugal ?
Cristiana Viana : I attend a lot of events in Portugal and abroad, I travel, I support some charitable causes.
For exemple I went to India and I visited hospitals and schools to support underprivileged children.

How did you like India ?
Cristiana Viana : I’m in love with India ; the people , the temples, the culture. It’s a country I’ll never forget in my life, it was an amazing experience. I visited Maduray, Pondichery, Deli, Agra. We were invited by the tourist authorities of Tamil Nadou. They organised the trip.

You went to Canada to meet Miss Portuguesa Canada ?
Isidro de Brito : We have a local contest in some countries for the Portuguese community, on same level as the other regions of Portugal. The winner of each country comes to Portugal to attend the final competition in July. These countries are France, Canada, South Africa, and next year we’ll add Spain to the list.

What is your best souvenir of travel ?
Cristiana Viana : I keep in my heart all the experiences I had during the travels. I met different style of people, and discovered foreign cultures ; it was very inspiring.

Can you tell us about the relationship with the other countries ?

Isidro de Brito : We represent 23 International pageants and one of them is from Thailand , Miss Grand International. It’s new and growing fast in terms of fame and media coverage. In the past we had some contacts with the Thailand authorities and we hope that one day we can go there.
I visited as well the Philippines for Miss World and I was amazed by the enthusiasm of all the population for this event. Everybody on the streets was talking about it. It’s like a national sport.
In 2014 we went to Indonesia, we were invited to promote tourism.
Concerning this year, we went to India, Morocco, Canada, and the next Miss Portugal is invited to visit Egypt for 9 days in September.

Do you have good memories of the people you met ?
Cristiana Viana : I stayed one month in the United States for Miss Universe in November / December 2016. Delegates from each country attended the event and we had a special relationship with the girls.
In general all the people that I meet teach me a lot, and I had a great support from the Miss Portugal organization. They gave me good advices when it was necessary.

What do you plan to do when your mission is finished ?

Cristiana Viana : I’d like to complete my studies in public management and work in my city Gondomar.
However, I prefer not to plan too much in advance. Now I am focused in my commitment as Miss Portugal and I want to do my best.

Do you think your experience as Miss Portugal will be useful for you later ?

Cristiana Viana : The different cultures that I could see and the people I met opened my mind. Now I have another vision of the world.

Did you travel to France ?
Cristiana Viana : Yes, I went to Paris for tourism, it was great! I appreciate all the monuments and the museums, especially Le Louvre.

What are your next activities ?

Cristiana Viana and Isidro de Brito: We have one more regional Miss to elect near the region of Fatima.
Next week, we attend a dinner to help the victims of the forest fire that Portugal had to cope with last month.
Next, we’ll make a movie to promote the river and the beaches of the region of Gondomar.
Then, we’ll have the main competition to crown the new Miss Portugal.


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