Bokeh Challenge f/0.95 with Leica Noctilux, Leica M6, Kodak Ektar 100

For the first day of shooting with the Leica M6 and the Noctilux, I went to Chinatown Bangkok for street photography. The second day, I decided to test the lens wide opened, at 0.95, because that’s what makes it so special. I wanted a color film because a blurry background is often nicer in color. I needed a slow speed film because at F 0.95 there is so much light coming on the film, and the fastest shutter speed on the M6 is 1/1000. Kodak Ektar 100 seems to be a good choice.

Moto taxis in Bangkok playing chess while waiting for the next customer. Silom.

I shot a few pictures in Terminal 21 shopping mall.  The theme of this mall is around traveling, each floor represent a city.

Receptionists in the lobby, dressed as flight attendants.

In this one the bokeh is very nice.

This picture and the ones below where shot in Lumpini Park, in the center of Bangkok.

thai alphabet on a sculpture in the park

paddle boats on the lake of Lumpini Park

It’s not easy to find a proper subject to show the quality of the lens at f/0.95. Usually it’s not working with buildings or big statues because they are far from the lens. To have a nice bokeh effect¬† your subject needs to be close to the lens. It works well with flowers, small statues, people, if you can get closed.

temple in the beautiful Wat Pathum Wanaram, in Siam.

I missed the focus!

This picture and the following ones are shot in Banjasiri Park, a garden close to Emporium shopping mall in Phrom Phong.

I like Kodak Ektar 100 ; the colors are nice, not too much saturated, and it’s sharp. It works well outside and indoors, if you have enough light.

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