Beautiful Cosplay Girls at Japan Festa in Bangkok Thailand 2016

Japan Festa is the biggest Japanese Pop Culture event in Thailand. Hundreds of Cosplayers were present to sing, dance, and show their beautiful costumes. It took place in CentralWorld, a shopping mall in the center of Bangkok, the 23rd and 24th of January 2016. There were some Cosplayers from all over Asia, and of course a lot of Thais. Cosplay is very popular in Thailand.

I shot around 600 pictures in 2 days, and finally I have selected 78 of them. I edited them in Lightroom, and some in Photoshop to create a better Cosplay atmosphere. I even made a cartoon effect on one of them, it was interesting to try.

I shot all the pictures with my Sony A7R2, a prime Zeiss lens 55mmF1.8 and a Sony Flash F43M. even if it’s not a wide angle, I managed to get the entire costume in the frame most of the time, which is the purpose in this kind of events.

enjoy the pictures !








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