Amazing Taipei Taiwan : Night Market, Food, People, Street Life, Temples, Hotels

Taipei is the amazing capital of Taiwan, with 7 million people.  It is at the same time modern and traditional : leader in new technology, Taipei has kept as well its traditions, religion, temple and culture.

In Taipei you are really in a Chinese atmosphere, but at the same time, it has Western influences which make your travel easy and convenient. People are very welcoming and most of them speak well english. Taxis are honest in general and not expensive for a modern city. The subway is very convenient and can bring you anywhere. You can find all kind of food, at a very good quality for the price.

In this article, you will see many aspects of the city : the night markets and the authentic food they serve, the dynamic street life, the temples and their traditional architecture, some hotels, and the unique 101 Tower.

I selected my best 40 pictures to give you a good idea of this great city!

Taipei 101 : the architecture is inspired by the shape of a bamboo (a symbol of learning and growth). The round windows represent a stack of ancient Chinese ingots (a symbol of abundance).
The main tower is made of eight segments of eight floors each. In Chinese culture, the number eight is associated with abundance, prosperity and good fortune.

A sculpture at the entrance of 101

This is the famous Snake Alley or Huaxi Night Market. Let’s visit it !

Chinese ingredients :

that’s how he cooks! very original and tasty !


always busy and lively. this market is in the center so very easy to reach and close to the Longshan temple that we’re gonna visit later…

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