Sony A7RII, Thailand : Movie Stars, Models, Landscapes, Beach resorts, Skyscrapers

this giant dog sculpture is a part of the Art Festival of the EMDistrict mall in Bangkok. FE35mm ISO 125 F8 1/160s

a pretty vendor at the Hua Hin Night Market, cooking some fish. FE55mm ISO 6400 F5.6 1/125s

Sean “Thorn” Jindachot is one of the most popular actor in Thailand. He stars in a TV series with Esther Supree. They were at CentralWorld, a shopping mall in Bangkok for an event organised by Shell Company : “Shell Helix Oil Change +” FE55mm ISO 250 F3.5 1/160s
for this picture, I changed the background in Photoshop. I used a background that I created by taking a blurry picture of skyscrapers at night. It give an impression of bokeh 😉

This is the same view of the bay of Hua Hin as on the previous page, but in daylight. This is an HDR from 3 different exposures merged in Photoshop HDR Pro . FE1635 24mm ISO 125 F8 different speed : 1/60s 1/400s 1/3200s

There was a BMW show at CentralWorld to present their new models.The hosts had beautiful uniforms with the colours and design inspired by the new BMW i8. FE55mm ISO 3200 F8 1/160s

She is so elegant and classic that it had to be in black-and-white. FE55mm ISO 400 F4.5 1/160s

2 friendly and cheerful BMW Girls. FE55mm ISO 1000 F6.3 1/160s

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