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Interview : Nasha Mekraksavanich and her passion for design

Nasha Mekraksavanich is a young and successful designer, based in Thailand with two shops in Bangkok ; at Emporium (1F) and Siam Paragon (1F). She is famous worldwide and has customers across the globe. She has just been elected as the most stylish woman 2016 from Zen stylish award.
We met Nasha in Bangkok, in one of her shop on the first floor of the Emporium shopping mall (Phrom Phong).

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Sony A7RII, Thailand : Movie Stars, Models, Landscapes, Beach resorts, Skyscrapers

I’ve just bought the new Sony A7RII and I am testing it in order to make a review on Youtube. Before finishing the test I’m gonna post right now the pictures that I take everyday. So I will update this post several times a week with my new pictures.

I had previously the Sony A7R, I was very satisfied of it, that’s why I was sure that I would like the New A7RII even more with the new features : contrast and phase detection autofocus, in-body stabilisation, 42 megapixels sensor, 4k video shooting ect.

I will be able of course to use all the FE lenses that I have : FE55mmF1.8 , FE35mmF2.8 , FE16-35mmF4 . the 2 first lenses don’t have the optical stabilisation which was a problem when I was taking videos. now, with the in-body stabilisation, my videos will look better and I won’t need to stabilise them in iMovie .

Let’s have a look a the pictures now!

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Natapohn Taew Temeeruk Fitbit Show Bangkok Thailand

Nattapohn “Taew” Temeeruk (ณฐพร แต้ว เตมีรักษ์) was at CentralWorld, Bangkok, Thailand for the promotion of the connected wristband Fitbit. This is one of the world best selling connected object to control your health.
Taew is a very famous and popular actress and model in Thailand. She’s working mainly for Channel 3.

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Boy Pakorn Chatborirak Movie Star Bangkok Thailand

Boy Pakorn Chatborirak was at CentralWorld the 24th of February 2015 for a big event with other actors. thousands of fans where here to see him and take selfies.

Boy Pakorn was born in Bangkok the 20th of August 1984 from a Thai-Chinese family. He started as a photographer, and then had his first part in “4 Romance” which is a part of SHY . Then he starred in Fai Ruk Arsoon on Channel 3. That was the beginning of a very successful carrier.
He is involved in charity and ecological projects
In 2014 he has the lead role in 3 TV Series : Nai Suan Kwan, Mafia Luerd Mungkon and Keaw Ta Warn Jai.
He’s a singer as well with “Nai Om Khan” in 2013 (GMM Grammy)

You can see below the best pictures of this event

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