Il Gelato del Marchese ice cream & sorbet Paris France

I visited the new ice cream and sorbet maker Il Gelato del Marchese in Paris, 3 Rue des Quatre Vents, 75006 Paris, France (check the map below), managed by Renato et Veronika Squillante Montoro.
This new gelateria uses only premium ingredients and has 2 chefs working on the spot. They have the classic flavours, but as well very original ones like watermelon, gorgonzola, tomato.

no additives are used, only natural products.

They are ideally situated close to Odeon, Mabillon, Saint-Sulpice.

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Paris monuments and people : beautiful winter 2015

This winter was beautiful in Paris with many sunny days and a blue sky. I was 2 week-ends in the city of lights and could get great pictures of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the River Seine, Hotel de Ville,the Sacré Coeur, and many other street photography shots with people.

Some of these pictures are made in HDR (High Dynamic Range) to be closer to the vision of our eyes. The sensor of the camera has a limited dynamic range : to compensate this, I take 3 times the same picture at different exposures. Then I mix them in HDR Pro Photoshop. after a few settings, that is supposed to give more details and better colors. I shot all the pictures with my Sony A7R and the Zeiss lens 35mmF2.8 .

I hope you will enjoy the pictures!

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Caféothèque great coffee shop & barista in the Marais, Paris

The Caféothèque is a famous coffee house in the heart of Paris created in 2005 with multiple activities : coffee lounge, roasting, barista, sales of coffee packs to the costumers, training and coffee tasting.

I love to go there for the quality of the coffee, the atmosphere and the coffee sommeliers who will give you good advices.

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Rollei 35 T Lens Tessar F3.5 40mm Photos Samples

I bought this camera in Paris,at Photo-Beaumarchais (54, Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris, France) for 180 euros. I think it is a fair price considering that it was well maintained and it’s working perfectly. There is a 3 months guaranty. I have the original Rollei case, and the Rollei 24E UV filter. The light meter is working and the battery was included. The only think is that I don’t have the strap so I will try to find one.

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Street Photography in Paris, Banks of the Seine : Video & Pictures

Autumn in Paris is romantic, this period is a good opportunity for street photography in black & white . it was a Saturday afternoon, a little bit cold and cloudy, but still many people outside enjoying their week-end.
Most of the pictures were taken around the banks of the Seine, the Isle Saint-Louis, and Isle de la Cité.

You can watch below the video to see the lively scene before and after I take the picture. The pictures are as well visible in a gallery by clicking on one of them.
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