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Beautiful Cosplay Girls at Thailand Game Show 2016 in Bangkok

Thailand Game Show (TGS) is one of the best Cosplay event in Bangkok.
The most beautiful girls of Thailand come to show their costume and join the contest.
This year, it took place in Siam Paragon the 9th, 10th and 11th of December 2016.
I shot 50 of them with my Sony A7R2, Sony G Master Lens 2470F2.8, and the flash Sony F43M.

Enjoy the pictures!

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Amazing Asian Cosplay Girls at Thailand Anime Festival in Bangkok

Anime Festival Asia Thailand, AFATH 2016 is a major even for Anime and Cosplay in Thailand. Many stars came from all over Asia to perform on stage, and the most famous cosplayer from Thailand came with amazing costumes.

It took place the 19th,20th and 21st of August 2016 at Siam Paragon, 5th floor, Royal Paragon Hall. A great venue for such an event, easy to reach by the sky train and big enough to welcome everybody.

I shot 500 pictures theses 3 days and selected the best 50 that are published here.

I shot the pictures with a Sony A7R2, Sony G lens 24-70 F2.8 and the flash F43M.

Enjoy the pictures!

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Beautiful Cosplay Girls at Thai Japan Anime Festival Bangkok 2016

Thai Japan Anime & Music Festival 2016 at CentralWorld Square 8th 9th of May 2016, 6th edition :
it’s a cosplay event and contest with concerts and anime songs. Cosplayers come mainly from Thailand but there are as well many performers who come from Japan and other asian countries.

We shot the most beautiful models and costumes and you can see below the pictures.

Thanks to all the pretty models who took the time to pose for us!

I shot this event with a Sony A7R2, the Zeiss lens and the sony flash F43M

Let’s enjoy the picture!

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Thailand Comic Con 2016 : Beautiful Cosplay Girls in Bangkok

Thailand Comic Con is a major event for movies, comic books, board games, video games, and Cosplay.

The most important actors of this field were represented : Isuzu, FujiFilm, Dtac, Kantana,Major Group, Channel24, PlayStation, Magic The Gathering, Banana IT, Comical, XM Studios, Warner Bros etc…

Organised by Hobbie Plus Company Limited, it took place the 22nd,23rd,and 24th of April 2016 at Siam Paragon, BTS Siam, Bangkok.

The best cosplayers of Thailand came with their beautiful costumes and we had the chance to take amazing pictures!

I shot this event with a Sony A7R2, a Zeiss lens FE55mmF1.8 and the sony flash F43M

Enjoy the pictures!

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Beautiful Cosplay Girls at Japan Festa in Bangkok Thailand 2016

Japan Festa is the biggest Japanese Pop Culture event in Thailand. Hundreds of Cosplayers were present to sing, dance, and show their beautiful costumes. It took place in CentralWorld, a shopping mall in the center of Bangkok, the 23rd and 24th of January 2016. There were some Cosplayers from all over Asia, and of course a lot of Thais. Cosplay is very popular in Thailand.

I shot around 600 pictures in 2 days, and finally I have selected 78 of them. I edited them in Lightroom, and some in Photoshop to create a better Cosplay atmosphere. I even made a cartoon effect on one of them, it was interesting to try.

I shot all the pictures with my Sony A7R2, a prime Zeiss lens 55mmF1.8 and a Sony Flash F43M. even if it’s not a wide angle, I managed to get the entire costume in the frame most of the time, which is the purpose in this kind of events.

enjoy the pictures !

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